Useful Tricks That Help Players Get the Most Out of Moolah 
January 29th, 2017 by Garry

When it comes to playing slot machines, some people still prefer classic games instead of the modern ones. Although they don’t have fancy graphics, innovative features or other elements, these slots attract players because of their simple gameplay and intuitive interfaces. Mega moolah slot is a popular name among classic slot games, so many people search for tricks that could help them win more when playing it.

Try to Win Small Prizes More Often

Many players want to win big when spinning the reels of this game but this means they need to place big bets. This is not always a good idea because if you go through some unlucky rounds, you might lose your credits too fast. A good trick is to set a small bet value, even though this will bring you less money when winning a round.

Play With All the 10 Lines Active

Even though it is a classic slot, Moolah doesn’t use the traditional system with three reels and a single payline. It has a maximum number of 10 paylines, meaning that players can win prizes more often if they activate them all. Using all the winning lines might cost you a bit more but it gives you more chances to win, even though the prizes are not that big.

Use the “Gamble” Function

This slot machine has a “gamble” option which gives you the possibility to try and increase the amount of money you got after a winning spin. Although this is a risky feature, it can double your prizes, turning a small win into a little fortune. It is recommended to use this option when you win a small amount of money because this way you won’t be disappointed if the odds are not on your side.

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