Step 4: Decide what business is best for you


The next step is to decide what business will be the best fit for your skills and interests. This is good planning for either starting your own business or for finding the kind of work you will love.

nb16-cartoon-drill-press-girlThere are lots of ways to approach this research about yourself. For some people, you’ll just know what you want to do in your career. If you’ve always loved writing and it was your best subject in school… well, that gives you a good idea that a job writing would probably make you happy.

And, if you’re happy doing the work, your chances of being successful are much higher.

There will be other people who are really good at something but don’t love doing it. Be careful if you’re one of these people. Others around you may tell you that you should start a business doing what you’re good at. But, if you don’t love the work then you won’t be committed to your own success.

There’s so much work involved in being self-employed that you have to want to get up in the morning and get to it! And that means you have to love what you’re doing.

So, in this step you’ll look at two different areas:

  1. The skills that you have
  2. What you love to do

Somewhere in there you’ll find ideas for the kind of work that would be a good fit for you. And then it’s on to the next step, to figure out if there’s a market to support your business. But first, let’s work on finding some areas that will get you excited about getting out of bed every day!


Exercise 4a: Listening to Yourself
The best source of inspiration and creativity is yourself. Stop the self-censorship (thinking thoughts like, “I could never do that”) and take advantage of your originality. You have a unique way of seeing things, so shouldn’t it be used to develop a business idea? Do this exercise to learn a bit more about how your unique talents and interests could help you find your perfect job and business.

Download as Word document | Download as PDF

Exercise 4b: Careers Explorer
Plan to spend at least 10 minutes playing with this tool. Once you’ve answered the questions, then click on the “suggest careers” button. You’ll see a list of career ideas in the box to the right. Click on any of those ideas to learn more about them. Try to find at least 5 career ideas that you’re at least a little bit interested in learning more about.

Exercise 4c: Putting it all together
Using what you learned in the previous two exercises, spend a few more minutes writing down all of the jobs that you can think of that would make you happy.

Download as Word document | Download as PDF

Once you are ready, click here for Step Five: Make Sure You Have a Good Business Idea